How I Deal With Donald Trump’s Twitter

The president of the United States Of America Donald Trump is one of the most talked about person on this earth. The one reason that is because of his super secret weapon, Twitter.

When President Trump uses Twitter, he sends a message out to millions of people to view his message, which basically let him bypass the mainstream media.

The real problem starts when people react to the message. They either go batshit crazy and call him every name in the book or basically go Maga Maga Maga.

Honestly, when I see the leftist react, I can’t tell if the insults and comments they put are exaggerated or just how they feel. When it comes to his supporters they either support everything he does, even if it could be bad or just react with Maga.

So this is how I react to his twitter. After I read the message, if it makes me laugh, most likely I don’t have to take it seriously. Honestly, when you think about it most sane people don’t really take everything he says on twitter seriously at all.

Now, that doesn’t mean everything he says is good but I don’t think you need to overreact to every one of his tweets. Majority of the time when President Trump Tweets, I see it more as just trolling people since the majority of his tweets are hilarious and just plain ridiculous.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like the tweets it just not to be taken seriously unless he makes an announcement on policy on Twitter.

So, basically, if you laugh it’s a sign that you don’t have to take it seriously also don’t overreact and enjoy President Trump’s Twitter



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