Jeff Flake Writes A $100 Check to Doug Jones

On Tuesday, December 5th, Senator Jeff Flake(R-AZ) sent out this tweet with a picture of a check and saying “Country over Party”.

In the view of most Conservatives or people with Right Leaning views, Senator Jeff Flake isn’t seen as someone to be admired, hell, the majority of the people dislike him, just like John McCain.

I’m not a big fan of Jeff Flake and would never send a check to Doug Jones or any politician but I have to agree with him.

First off, Roy Moore has been accused of sexual molestation of underage women with many women coming out accusing and providing their own evidence to prove they knew the man.

Second, his views tend to be quite far-right. He tends to be anti LGBT. An Article from The Hill, has him saying a phrase “Transgenders don’t have rights”. He also got suspended last year from the Alabama Supreme Courts for disobeying the Supreme Courts by denying marriage licenses for same-sex couples.

He has the gall to compare the Present day United States to the SOVIET UNION. You know that Soviet Union that implement Communism that got millions of people killed. Also, the example he gave why America is bad is ridiculous, it was because of the acceptance of Homosexuality.

I can go on for days why this dude is bad but I think people need to really think if they really want to put this guy into the Senate. Roy Moore will basically be the Bill Clinton of the Republican Party.

I understand people are angry at the left for playing dirty tricks and letting bad people go unchecked but do we want to fall on the same path as them. If you choose to go down this path it won’t be pretty in the long term when the right will get smeared for electing an accused child molester to the Senate.

So people in Alabama, before you vote, think is this worth it. Instead of thinking in the now think about the future and make the right choice.


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