First Day In Vancouver, Canada

Today, I’m going to switch it up. I would normally talk about a story either political or stupid, but I want to take a break today and talk about my little journey into another land.Also, Don’t worry, I will post a story tomorrow and with this little side project only lasting.

I arrived yesterday on a plane in Vancouver, and the first thing I was surprised about was the diversity in this country. I have seen people from all backgrounds at the airport whether they were Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Pakistani, you name it, I’ve seen it. In America, you can see these same groups but never to this extent and it’s kind of cool.

I am currently living with relatives who have been extremely nice providing me with food and shelter, also some wisdom about my future and where I should go. I’ve also met other relatives, I haven’t met in a long time and it was amazing, we were talking about the differences in the U.S. and Canada. I was surprised how different we were, I thought we were more alike but boy I was wrong.

I also walked through downtown with my cousin taking the train to get there. We walked to tons of places such as the mall(I haven’t been to a mall in a long time thanks to online shopping), went to a Casino for the first time and wow it was amazing, but sadly I didn’t play and maybe that was for the best. I got to see different parts of Canada. I went to a shop called sports chek and looked at the amazing stuff that was in there. I’m hoping to hop on the Seabus to visit North Vancouver and see some more parts of Canada.

Sadly I can’t visit all of Canada but visiting Downtown was amazing and my first day in Vancouver is amazing.


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