Day 2: Golfing in Vancouver

Today, I got to experience going to another mall called Metropolis at Metrotown. I saw plenty of cool things such as going to a Canada Specific retailer called Hudson Bay, where they have tons clothes with the Candian logo on it. I also saw a Sears that’s basically closing with everything either with 40% to 70% off.

The food court was a joy, for the first in my life, I saw an Indian fast food restaurant, It was amazing, in the U.S we don’t have those. It should definitely be brought down, it would be extremely popular.Also, there were no trash cans in the food court but a place with to return your trays where people basically throw away your food, which is pretty cool.

I ended the day hanging out with my cousin golfing. It was my first time and I was terrible but I can always say I golfed, unlike other people and I got some good shots in, even though most of them were bad. My cousin was a freaking pro but he’s been at it for years.

Anyways, it was such a fun experience just going out and checking out new places and I hope to do that more tomorrow as well.


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