Day 4,5,6: Changing tire, Aquarium, and Karaoke

Sorry for the delay in articles, I’ve been quite busy and have been traveling a little bit.

I didn’t write on day 4 because I didn’t do anything important besides learning how to change a tire but I found out something, I was an uncle and I have nephews. I met them and my cousin’s wife. His wife was nice and was Chinese, so my nephews are half Chinese and half Indian, now that’s awesome. So I basically ended the day talking to my cousin and his wife and it was pretty civil, we touched on many things that are different between the United States and Canada.

Day 5. I went to the Vancouver Aquarium with my uncle and aunt. We first watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer 4d and it was amazing and short. The effects were cool as well, we had snow falling on us and water splashed on our face. Next, I looked at all the fish, I saw penguins, Sharks, Turtles. I also saw a training session of Sea Lions, which was pretty cool, I wish I caught a picture.

Day 6. Today I went to a party with my cousin and his family, I also met my other cousins that was in college who came to the party. A cool thing happened, I got to learn about my nephews by playing monkey in the middle and by asking questions by throwing a ball. I also did some ballsy and embarrassed myself, I did karaoke, yes you heard it. It was “eye of the tiger”, did I fail badly absolutely, I sounded terrible but when I look back, I can say to myself that I did some karaoke even if I was terrible. So today was good, I got to know my nephews even better, I met my other cousins and I karakoed even if I was terrible but I still did it.



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